mail art & postal networking / feel free to join this facebook group i created to network & share with other folks who enjoy creative mail! show off your work and make some new friends!

letterloves / emma, who takes pictures, writes letters and collects things

robayre / inspiration junkie, mail artist, maker

xoao / the life & times of a new york mail artist

jon foster / mail artist in winston-salem, nc

missive maven / a letter-writing blog extolling the virtues of snail mail



daniel leyva / hyper-saturated & over-pixelated

kat toronto / dark pop-surrealist spirit photography & cabinet cards amongst other astounding visual treats

jody pham / intricate monochromatic pen & ink illustrations

naomi von monsta / unseelie & fairy tale arts & crafts

sarah m. sosa / cut, paste, remix

serpenthes / illustrator, typesetter, pack leader, lion tamer

atrocityland / images and works by felix kramer

tangerine switchblade / art & writing by kv

thirteen oh eight / crafty things by shannon



jojo lazar / the many mirthful musical & artistic endeavors of the burlesque poetess

ficshe / minneapolis electronica / trip hop / neu wave

BELOWtheWASTE / a clearinghouse for the unusual & a radio show on kfai in minneapolis



moon’s milk / handmade, screenprinted patches for the witchy & the weird

siouxsie ramone / quality rock ‘n’ roll, punk rock, horror, and film patches



bethany eowyn / the magical world of this designer/maker  – from dolls to her beautiful daughter

cure touch / crafts, blythe dolls, hats with animal ears & other things that make jane happy

hello buraisu / purveryor of dolly headbands, crafts & cuteness



feast + west / the intersection of design + food + wanderlust



anchors thrown / two parts sir, one part ma’am & my sweetheart to boot

fading from the day / what t. is  photographing, sewing, listening to & collecting

jessica jorgenson / insightful commentary on academia & teaching from an old college friend

olive juice box / bright things, soft things, tiny things and ice cream

replace your typewriting ribbon / observations & musings

snarkably late / pop culture, enthusiasm, nostalgia & snark

so much braver / critical commentary on cultural phenomena from an interdisciplinary feminist standpoint

talking leaves (sometimes freeze) / prose & reflection

tastes like static / talk hard

tiny hands t / observations on living & working in japan by the tiniest (american) hands in all the land



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