b. 1985 / GEMINI


i’m a lifetime self-taught creative, dabbling in a little bit of this & a little bit of that. my true loves, however, are graphic design & illustration/mixed-media art (primarily mail art).

my mum was an art teacher before i was born. as a result, our basement was a wonderland filled with every kind of art supply and variety of paper you could imagine! as a kid and into my teens, i pored over her college art textbooks, collected inspiring magazine scraps, and filled up sketchbooks with my doodles. i still get excited to go in ‘the basement‘ to see what kinds of things i’ll find to experiment with!

when we got our first computer in the mid-1990s, i started teaching myself how to make websites and edit images to create more beautiful and interesting things. avoiding art & design classes in high school & college, i instead learned through experimentation, online tutorials, books and best of all, friends & family – continuing to do so as an adult. owing much to my family’s background in & encouragement of the arts, literacy & education as a whole, my mish-mashed experiences in academia & art color my world.


presently, i live in minneapolis, minnesota where i make art & other such messes in the living room while hanging out with my cats! if i’m not doing that, i’m working on freelance graphic design projects or exploring the twin cities after a few years of living away in north carolina.


mail art, cats, art deco, pulp novel book covers, retro-futurism, geometry, cryptids, post-punk & new wave, vintage dolls, bad haircuts, writing in lowercase, reading numerous books concurrently, etc.


bachelor of arts, university of minnesota / minneapolis, mn
american studies & gender, women and sexuality studies
january 2010




8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello1 Thank you so much for visiting and ollowing my blog. I love your illustration style and i’m going to njoy having a good wander through your posts.

    1. thanks so much, birdie! i love YOUR illustrative style & your paintings are lovely. i’m looking forward to spending some more time on your blog – i like the way you think (and create!) šŸ™‚

  2. Hiya Detective! As you know, I really enjoy your blog and your comments so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! I hope you accept it, and I’d like to include an image that represents your blog next to the nomination if you don’t mind?

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